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Immigration Support
Immigration Support
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If you are still wondering if Canada is right for you, just starting the immigration process or already in the process of immigration and want to discuss anything relating to such or need professional support regarding your immigration application from licensed immigration consultants in a group setting, then this channel is for you. 

Unlike the multitude of free and unregulated immigration forums out there that to-be immigrants join for consultative purposes, this channel is NOT free. The focus here is quality information in a group setting from regulated immigration consultants who will not lead you astray. The group setting provides a rich amount of information for use at a fraction of the cost. This requires a monthly payment that can be canceled at any given time. However, once a user cancels, the person will no longer have access to the community unless of course if the fellow re-subscribes.

I encourage you to give this a shot and if you have any suggestion or feedback, feel free to provide. 

We listen. 


Founder, Immigrant Life

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