If you have this type of hair or look like me, then you need to pay attention. ⚠️

People like us have struggled for long trying to get our hair soft or keep them soft after using special creams to work the magic.

The trouble is that many of those creams, leave our hair discolored, pale looking and many end up with dyes in order to keep them shiny and as closely natural as possible.

Well, others just choose to shave everything in order to avoid the troubles 😳(there is a reason behind some shiny heads 🙈) or if not a faint-hearted person just simply go the dreadlock route 🤣.

The good news is very soon, you won't need to lose yourself in the pursuit of happiness. Oh sorry! In the business of looking good.

A Calgary-based Startup has taken up the challenge of solving this riddle by making a cream that will make my tribe 😜😂 enjoy our natural hair SOFTLY 😉 without losing our identity👌.

But they need a little help. Just a little *wink* *wink*. Please visit the link below to answer a few questions about your preferences and you will even be offered free samples. Yes! One good turn...

Do it now and be part of something great. Protect your natural beauty 😍

Go here 👇


Thank me later.